As a young girl, Betty would spend hours drawing flowers, bugs, trees in intricate painstaking detail. Over the years, she found herself restricted by conventional medium, and also the limited scale of canvas and moved onto installation art in 2005. During this time she discovered her body connection to movement in the study of yoga and an artistic liberation in material and space. Her work at this time reveals a strong relationship and curiosity between body and mind.

MOST RECENT WORK: “40 Weeks” – an exploration of birth, loss and transformation. Each panel represents the small scale of 1 week or larger scale of 1 year of the artist’s journey with motherhood. Beginning with conception then loss, it is the journey of understanding a woman’s autonomous choice to be a mother as she identifies and severs external pressures.

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“Grow” – $1250

“Grow” – Detail

“Embrace” – $1250

“Embrace” – Detail

“Ease” – $750 (SOLD)

“Ease” – Detail (SOLD)

“Lucy II” – $750

Showing at MWJ – 11th and Pine Streets.

“Lucy II” – Detail

“Comfort” – $750 (SOLD)

“Comfort” – Detail (SOLD)